What are the Things to Remember before Making the Trip to Denmark?

April 12, 2019

Francis Bacon, in his essay, “ Of Travels”, observes that travelling for younger people is like going to school. It serves as an educational tour. But for the elders, it is a matter of experience. Bacon also goes on to state several pros and cons of going on a trip to some other country. One needs to keep certain things in mind before going on a trip. The importance of planning can be considered as the most important thing before starting for the journey. Travelling within the country is a bit easier than travelling to some other countries. Both are different things.

There are few most important things to keel in mind while going to Denmark for a trip that would help you to utilise your time, effort, money and energy in a better way. You might not know the language of the place. You might be unaware of the customs and timings of the cities. You also might not have any idea about foods and eating places. The most important mistake that one does is that they go and come back without knowing anything extra than the hotels and the restaurants. This is a bad thing about a trip. One is expected to at least visit some famous places in the country. This requires certain planning. Let us now look at the things that should be kept in mind before starting for the trip.


People speak Danish. It is the official language of Denmark. This is just to know. There is no need to learn Danish because you can survive without knowing the language. There is no need to speak Danish in Denmark while on a tour. They are the people who have great fluency in speaking English. You may talk to them in English. Yet, you must try to learn a few Danish words. You might profit from joining the training classes for learning Danish. Just a few words and it is enough. The knowledge of the language would help us to cope up quickly with the people.

Spending Money

How would you like to spend the money? There are two common ways – through cards or by cash. There might be a problem with using the cash amount. The cities of Denmark rarely use cash. The transactions are all done through credit cards. Debit cards also do not work there. One must have a credit card with them. That credit card operates through a pin. You must have that pin with you otherwise you would not be able to pay the bill. Cash can be collected via various ATMs available in clusters in Denmark.

Moreover, Denmark is more expensive than ever in the US. Approximately thirty to forty percent is more expensive. Now the problem arises as to how to spend and how much to spend. You may get a beer for $ 8 . You can have a nice meal at $ 25 in Denmark. Stay charge is also high.


One of the most important things to consider before stepping out of the home for a trip is safety. Safety not only to your life but also to your dignity as well as your belongings. If you are not safe in a country, it is better not to visit that place.

Denmark might be considered one of the safest nations in the world. People of Denmark are so relaxed about their safety that they even leave their babies in the carriage outside the home and they enter inside the house. This means there is no issue of a life threat from any local groups. But once they know that you are from a certain country, they may hate you and hurt you. Make sure beforehand that your country has no enmity with that country. It is for sure, but, that you would not be robbed or pickpocketed in Denmark.


Food serves as the most important thing on a journey. One must do proper research about the various food s available in Denmark. If one finds everything okay with the cuisines, one may now focus on the second aspect of food.

Breakfast at 10 a.m., lunch at 12noon, and dinner from 6-8p.m. You must have a try on the local as well as the traditional or the classical foods. The pastries, sandwiches and hot dogs are the local foods. There are pork and beef available with a great quality local beer in Denmark.


Punctuality is the virtue of the nation. Denmark has the most punctual transport systems. Vehicles run on time. Buses and trains are readily available to take you throughout the country. Transport is not so expensive. Bike streets and bike paths are built. Bicycles are Avery popular in Denmark. You can hire a bicycle and take a road trip through the colourful cities of the country. You must keep a country map with you. Google maps would also do.


There are many good hotels for resting and retiring. The hotels are available at almost all the places. One may also be as a paying guest in someone’s house. It is important to know the locations of the hotels and motels available in that country before going there.

Things to do

There are many things to do apart from eating and sleeping. Visiting museums, palaces, forts, markets, joining an occasion if possible, watching a theatre play if performed and talking with different peoples (See these steps for you to be good in talking with different people). Meeting the political and religious leaders of Denmark.

The things mentioned above in bullets are the few most essential things that one needs to know before setting out for the journey. Denmark is a nice place to visit. It may be a strange land with alien faces but if you go prepared, you will have no hardships in understanding the music of the cities and villages of Denmark. The proper idea of the town, its visiting places, foods to eat, and places to stay at are essential to be known. The prices and methods of payments are the most important thing that one forgets all the time. So, one should be well prepared with all sorts of information and language practice before going to Denmark on a trip.