What are the Best Tourist Destinations in Denmark?

March 21, 2019

Denmark has a great natural relief features along with the ancients buildings and many more recent masterpieces in the state to visit and admire. Denmark shares its borders with several island countries. It also shares its border with Germany which connects it with the rest of the European culture. The tourism in Denmark can be a great experience for anyone who wants to feel the old Roman essence to the new gentlemen scenes in the cities of Denmark. The food is great. One would love to taste so many different varieties of cuisines available. The roads and transports are highly convenient. Let us have a look at the places of tourist attractions in Denmark. Also, we would learn something more about its people and culture.

Tourist Attraction Sites in Denmark

Denmark is similar to a marine nation, situated in the mid of seas – one is Baltic and the other is the North Sea. It is lined with beautiful sandy beaches. People usually come to explore storybook castles and find their fairy tales coming true. The best place to explore for foodies and persons with love for art and design in Copenhagen. There are some very beautiful destinations to visit in Denmark.

Frederiksborg Palace

It is situated in the middle of a lake, this mesmerizing Palace has the Museum of National History. The museum has been there for many years back, but the castle was constructed later. Visitors can move in the halls of the castle and view numerous artworks. There are beautiful gardens that should not be missed.

Oresund Bridge

This mind-blowing feat of engineering crosses the Oresund strait, commonly known as the Sound, between Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden. There is an 8 km long structure that carries railway passengers and cars. It consists of part bridge, a part tunnel that accommodates nearly 17,500 vehicles. People who come to visit Denmark use this bridge as a gateway to Sweden. Most of them only come to experience the crossing of the bridge. The people flying over it never miss glimpsing the bridge below.


At Roskilde, the Viking Ship Museum has a high spot. Many fans of history find it engrossing. It is made more interactive through the addition of many exhibits, several of them are made keeping children in mind, which may help to gear them up. Most people enjoy several real Viking ships that were introduced in Roskilde Fjord, while some are associated in the boatyard where shipbuilding techniques are still to be used.

Skagen Beaches

In a country where there are 5,500 miles of coastline, it provides numerous reasons to choose vacation around Skagen, such a beautiful impact it imposes on one’s mind. It is selected for spending their days relaxing on the beach. The shoreline is lovely, exposed and barren. This place is so unusually beautiful that the 19th-century school of artists concentrated all their efforts here. Their work can be viewed at the local museum.

Legoland Billund

This place is especially for children. However, most adults enjoy this amusement park too. It consists of a mini display of world-famous buildings and places. It pleases the guest with a nice sense of adventure whereas the Knights kingdom provides a scene of a fairy tale.

Little Mermaid

The statue of the Little Mermaid is beautiful that sits on the rock in Copenhagen harbour in Denmark. Those who visit for the first time are amazed to find a relatively small-sized statue. The Little Mermaid statue is designed by Edward Eriksen, this lady has lost her head several times but has been restored.

Tivoli Gardens

It is one of the best known Europe’s tourist attractions, the Tivoli is established in 1843. This garden has a passion for all the times and provides the scenery of magnificent blooms. This garden has become the main social center and an imaginative center for many travellers. It consists of various rides, games, and restaurants.

The National Gallery of Denmark

One can find the world’s largest collection of arts by the Danes. The museum’s beauty lies in the fact that the place allows the natural lights to penetrate the interior space. This museum displays the European and Scandinavian paints from great painters. It has in its gallery the arts of Picasso and Evard Munch as well. It is pleasant to have a visit to the café. The café is soothing and it can relinquish your thirst for the grandeur of the palace.

Christiansborg Palace

It is located in Copenhagen on the small island named Slotsholmen. This palace is the power state of Denmark. It is a space that includes the Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Prime Minister’s office. In 1167, Bishop Absalon fortified the city whose ruins can still be seen by the visitors. This place is a must-visit for them who want to feel the grandness of the nation.

Kronborg Slot at Helsingør

If you are fond of sophisticated settings that you see in the movies, this place is for you. It has been used in the setting of the play Hamlet by Shakespeare. It has been rated the topmost sites for visiting. It has been the national garrison for many centuries. The fort is so elevated that one who passes by can not prevent oneself from taking a closer look from inside. It has a great Knight Hall called the Ballroom with magnificent tapestries decorated all over.

Denmark is a beautiful country in the subpolar regions of the world. It is no less a great destination for the tour than Switzerland. The climate is cosy, the seas are amazing, the cities are magnificent, the food is great and the people are welcoming. There are several mesmerizing places to visit in Denmark. The gardens and the forts, the beaches and the rocks, all the so sublime to experience that one may feel the spirit of enthusiasm within when one visits such places. The tourism sector helps a lot in enjoying the beauty and fragrances of the place.