Personal Story: What is it like to date and have sex with a guy from Denmark

March 12, 2019

Every girl would like to date and have sex with a guy from Denmark and there are several reasons for that. Men of Denmark are very attractive and they are amazing in sex and there is no denying this fact. Once I got to know a guy from Denmark and realise that we had the spark. After talking to that guy and spending time with them we started to express our feeling and we went on several dates. One day we had sex and it was probably the best one of my life. Men of Denmark can surprise you in many ways when it comes to the bed. They are not only good, but they also understand how satisfaction is important for both the partners.

Several reasons help in making a guy from Denmark great at sex. To be honest, there is no particular formalized structure of dating when it comes to Denmark and Danes are not only into dating. There are several dating apps that one can use to know a guy from Denmark and go on a date with him. When you are dating a guy from Denmark then you must understand that 80% of them whose age is above 19 has already had sex and which is why they are not virgins anymore. In Denmark, it is quite natural for people to have sex cause it is the natural need of a body. Even sex education is provided to all the students who are in primary or high school. Even the parents are pretty normal when it comes to allowing their child to have a sleepover with the person of the opposite sex.

There are several things that you will have to keep in mind whenever you are having sex with the guy from Denmark. Always use protection because it will help you to protect yourself against any type of sexually transmitted diseases and it must be of priority. We know that Danes are very experienced when it comes to the sexual encounter and which is why you must know what you want to do and what you won’t be able to do. If you have never dated a guy from Denmark then it will be a completely new experience but at the same time, you need to keep several things in mind before getting sexually engaged with them. It would become a day to remember if you take all the precautions properly otherwise things might get pretty difficult for you.

So here is a small explanation that can tell you what makes people from Denmark great at sex and how they can easily surpass other people.

Reasons which make guys from Denmark great at sex

1.Liberal: You can say that Denmark is the first country that has already legalized porn at the same time they have to make sex education a mandatory one. Even same-sex couples can move freely with one another in Denmark. The Government of Denmark has put a lot of emphasis on tolerance and inclusion. They believe that if they are doing something that is making them happy and they are not hurting anyone then they would go for it. This type of liberal thinking makes it easy for both the partner to enter into a sexual relationship.

2.Priority: The people of Denmark think sex to be a priority and people between the age of 16-95 believes that having a good sex life is very important for them. For them, it is more than just a sexual encounter. They know the benefits of having sex, and they know how to incorporate it in their life.

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3.Hot: People of Denmark are good looking and they are always well dressed and have high cheekbones which are why people like them easily. Looks play a major part when it comes to attraction and when you see someone who is from Denmark then it will be hard for you to resist them.

4.Public nudity: There are several things that you will come to know when you are dating someone from Denmark. It is very normal when it comes to public nudity. Starting from the communal shower to nudist beaches you can say that in Denmark clothing is called option. So you can easily roam in Denmark without having clothes and you will hardly see anyone noticing you. You can visit the nudist beach and experience new things as well.

5.Research: On the TV channels porn is screened every day in Denmark and according to the statistics it has been recorded that people of Denmark watch more porn than anyone else. It not only makes them curious about new things but they are also aware of how they can do it properly and impress their partners.

6.Experiment: We all know that an experiment can enhance sexual encounters every time. People of Denmark are very adventurous and they keep on experimenting when it comes to sexual life. They believe that by experimenting they will be able to keep the spark alive and explore new things about a person or relationship.

7.Sperm Bank: This is a tiny nation that has the biggest sperm bank in the world and they are flaunting about it for a very long time. There are several parents from different corners of the world who would like to use their sperm to have an offspring with Viking genes.

8.Sex education: Sex education is very important in Denmark and which is why from the age of 6 they are taught about how they can make babies. When they reach the age of 13 they have already covered the section of masturbation, LGBT rights, and STI. It is a very important step when it comes to educating someone about sex. One can not just depend on porn and another website for knowing sex education. There are several things that one needs to know to have a secure and safe sex every time.

9.Population: They have adapted some interesting population control measures. The population of Denmark is quite less and this indicates the fact that they know how to use the protection well. They have always worked on keeping the place underpopulated.

10.Travel Companies: It is said that people who are from Denmark will have 40% more sex when they are not at home. Several travel companies compel couples to go to new places and have sex. There are several prizes for the couples who will show a positive test of pregnancy after coming back from the trip. Yes, it may sound quite weird to many but they do encourage sex.

11.Drinking: People of Denmark consume a lot of pure alcohol every year. You can say that a person consumes 11 liters every year. So they are romantically lit and lubricated which is why they make great partners in the bedroom.


These are some things that make people from Denmark great at sex. I had a great sexual encounter and I have also experienced a lot of things because of the experimental nature which makes them better in sex. They wouldn’t think twice before jumping into a sexual encounter because they know what are the things they should concentrate on. If it is just a casual dating still getting sexually involved is not a big deal for them. No wonder why Denmark is known as the happiest nation on earth. People have a lot of sex which increases their serotonin level so they are quite happy most of the time.

People of Denmark are also very comfortable with using sex toys as we know they are into experimenting a lot. Make sure you are getting the opportunity of knowing a guy from Denmark and talk to them to enjoy great sex life. They are always a great sexual partner because then know how to satisfy you both physically and mentally and it is very important. Make sure you are taking all the precautions properly and know what consent stands for. Make sure you are not drinking a lot before sex with them because it might make it difficult for you. If you are new to sex then talk to your partner to avoid any type of experiment. Several factors have contributed to their skill of having great sex. Apart from providing a sexual encounter, you can also expect them to know about how secure they can have sex with their partner. Consent is very important for both partners and does not forget that. To meet anyone from Denmark then you can use any dating app as I did and try to know them first. Learn about all the things about them because it will help you to connect more with them. They are great at sex but you need to make them feel attracted to you to enter into a relationship sexually.