Personal Story: The sex culture of people of Denmark

July 6, 2019

Being an avid traveler, I got to experience a vivid and rich cultural heritage of different countries. One of the major cultural introduction which I got to know is the culture of Denmark.

Last year, I got an opportunity for an onsite deputation in Denmark from my company. This deputation was scheduled for 4months and believe me that brief time was the most important for me is knowing the different cultural aspects of Danish people.

Core journey and experience

The journey started by planning about the trip and getting to know about the country. I read a lot about Denmark and the easy way to live there, but the most interesting thing which I was eager to be getting to know the culture.

From my experience when I got there, I notice the relaxed atmosphere, a massive population was commuting on bikes and all the things are going smooth. There were numerous old buildings and also the combination of architecturally modern buildings speaks about the city’s rich culture. The acceptance of new technology in the lap of historic culture is mind-blowing. The sustainable architecture was a treat for the eye.

Though the standard of living in Denmark is high. It is not a cheap country to live in. however, some management and sensible skills can make help you to be economical. I followed a strict regime to accept the local habits which are a little economical. For instance, cycling to office space, eating at home kept my living costs below the surpassing level.

About the sex culture

The most interesting part of the cultural heritage of Danish people is the openness in their relationship. The sex culture was quite outspoken. They are free to have a relationship from quite a younger period. I am a person who likes to adore the different cultures of love and the way of living. Denmark has surpassed my expectations of openness. Below are some of the facts which I have found interesting related to the Denmark relationship and sex culture?

  • If you are in a bar and found an interesting person beside you. Do not go for buying a drink for him/her. The Danish people are very serious about the offering of a drink. I had been in that situation but after the advice of my Danish friend, I resisted. Danish people take the offering for a drink as a commitment. For them, the level of commitment is high, as they think it as a birthday present.
  • Though you can have casual sex affairs with someone you may never see again. Sex with an unknown person is very casual in Denmark. I have been in that situation multiple times.
  • Keeping on track of my casual sex affairs, but met with a Danish girl who is quite interested in me and after one or two meetings she invited me to meet with her family. Being a guy who is interested in flings, that was a matter of concern. I was quite dumbstruck at that situation.
  • I found the whole dating structure of Danish people quite frustrating for those who are not from there. One of the incidents happened to me and I had shared it with my Danish friend. I was having a crush on a Danish girl from my office. I asked my friend about pursuing her, by writing a letter or a simple message or a bouquet, but he advised me to not do any such things as these will intimidate her. Later on, he advised me to get in a friendly conversation with her in free times. Get to know about her hobbies and the places where she wants to go to. But the constraint is that the Danish women plan these things, 3 to 4 weeks in advance. As per his directions, I have done those and to be very surprised it was a good experience. Though it was not very romantic we ended up having intimate moments, which made us a good sex partner for a substantial amount of time.

These are the 4 instances of the events which I got to experience in Denmark specifically.

Tips for hooking up to a Danish girl

With my brief experience of having a good sex life in Denmark, I am hereby providing some tips for the same. Before getting into the tips, you should get a brief understanding of a typical Danish female.

A typical Danish female

Those are the past monopoly when the people stereotype the typical European lifestyle. Every country has its genetic look. Danish women are generally pale skinned, fair eyed, some are blonde and most of them are a light brunette. Healthy Danish women consider their pale bodies as their assets and feel proud of that. This description of Danish women is based on my view of the brief cultural interaction with Danish heritage and lifestyle.

No gender biases

Denmark is considered as one of the forward-thinking nations which have an excellent standing for gender equality. This makes the Danish women confident, progressive and well educated. They are considered very intelligent. You should keep this in mind that these women are also ambitious and beautiful as well.

You should not try to underestimate their caliber and the decisions they make. To get her interested in you, just bragging is not good. Makeup your mind to get unbiased thinking about which will make them pursue you.

Do not brag about your lavish lifestyle or cash

Danish women are not driven by the monetary value, for them, the success is measured with the effort they put in to be successful. For them, if you are not well remunerated but has immense respect in the work area, then you are considered as a successful human being. They get more turned on with the good qualities that you have such as honesty, compassion empathetic rather than being equipped with lavish things. Danish women don’t give much attention to the fact that you are loaded or not, they eventually don’t want to get paid for their expense. So keeping these in mind does not flash cash in front of them. This will surely book you in their bad books, which is not preferable for getting engaged with a Danish woman.

The approach should be direct

For me being assertive sometimes caused a lot of problems. But when it comes to dating, being direct is the best thing. When you are dating Danish women please be direct in your approach which will help you a lot. It is good to be approached after a date rather than just thinking about to start a conversation. With this direct approach, you can impress a Danish woman, which shows your confidence.

The core dating culture of Denmark

Most of the European countries have strong ideas and a good way of thinking. There are some subtle differences, but most of the countries give gender equality much preference. On a date I have found out the=at the girl insisted on splitting the bill, which is quite a good characteristic. Though you should also show your masculine etiquette by paying the bill, but being adamant should be prevented. Let them split the bills, this shows you are giving much respect to them also.

Show some creative side of yours as the Danish women are more receptive to these characteristics. Have a casual date rather than opting for a posh restaurant or fancy dinners. As money matters mere to them. You should give them much respect for that. This will enhance your dating game substantially.

Being patient is the key

I have found by my experience that patience plays a very important role in getting a hold of this relationship. It can take much time to get into a relationship with serious Danish women who is also interested in you. It can take months as they judge you on different levels. Though Danish women don’t rust to marriages. The culture if Denmark also defines the same. Casual sex is not a taboo. You can find out a good match for you and then pursue it with ease. My advice will be to take immense care and be patient for getting hooked up. Just keep on your honest game and get laid in Denmark.

Let me clear one thing before signing off, this is not a gospel for getting a Danish girl or having a good sex-time there. This is just the experienced culture and a mere understanding of the lifestyle of mine while living for a brief time in Denmark. Do not treat this as mandatory things to be taken care of. You should always go with the flow.

Experience the Danish culture, keep a hold of the heritage, and moreover get an understanding of the lifestyle of people. There are many more things other than these in this beautiful country which gives a major advantage to the lifestyle. Experiencing the exact and beautiful aura of this country is mandatory.