Horse Dildos: Are you ready to take it all in?

January 2, 2020

Every woman wants it bigger. The regular size is great for pleasing someone who hasn’t experienced sex before. Things get more unsatisfying when men fail to meet the size demands of their partners. It is more likely that you would search for a bigger size when the regular size is not pleasing you in a way you want it to be.

Horse dildos are designed to replicate the equine penis. It is much larger than anything you have tried before. It looks more attractive when an ordinary dildo cannot touch those erogenous spots in your vagina. That’s why these sex toys are pretty popular.

How to know you need a Horse Dildo?

Many kinds of research were conducted to reveal what size pleases a woman the most. It is not the regular-sized penis or dildo for sure. Women are quite particular about their choices. Their choices alter quite rapidly when they go for regular intercourse. A normal size dildo may not be the best sex toy for a woman for a long time.

You might find your regular sized dildo quite unappealing after some time. That is going to happen because you already know how it feels when a normal size dildo enters in your body. Now your body wants something bigger to explore new sensations. It is the time when you need a horse dildo.

Many of you may have no idea about how it looks and how it is different from regular dildos. Sex toys manufacturing companies usually try to replicate penises of famous porn stars. Even though you have a large size dildo, it is not as large as a horse dildo.

A horse dildo comes with a unique shape. It offers a flared head and it provides a thrilling pop sensation as you put it inside your vagina. These dildos are much bigger and thicker than anything you may have tried before. These are replicas of horse’s penises. You should get one if you want to know how a horse’s penis feels when it goes deeper into your hole.

Is it too large for you?

This question will pop up in your mind if you check the size of a horse dildo. It is quite large and it might intimidate many people. Do not let it scare you because you already know how it feels when a regular-sized dildo penetrates your holes.

Vaginal and anal play with Horse dildos can be more pleasurable if you take some necessary precautions. You should give it a chance because of size matters when it comes to soothing innermost desires and cravings. An ordinary sex toy would never be enough to entertain your desires if you use it regularly.

The ultimate function of horse dildos is to provide the user with ultimate sexual pleasure. You do not know whether it is too large for you or not because you have never pushed something that big in your vaginal or anus before. If those small or regular size dildos are not soothing your cravings, you need a horse dildo.

Its size might seem a little larger, but it will bring immense pleasure in your sex life. That’s why many people are buying it. They feel extremely satisfied after enjoying anal and vaginal play with this extra large-sized sex toy. If you are not convinced yet, browse these horse dildos at this lovegasm store and see for yourself.

How to use a horse dildo?

Horse dildos are way better than normal dildos. Their shape is different and the size is much larger. Therefore, you cannot treat horse dildos like an ordinary dildo. Give it some respect because it can do things that any man or ordinary sex toys cannot do.

The length and girth of a horse dildo can be quite intimidating. You might think like “did I do the right thing by buying this thing? Do not worry about the size because you know you want it bigger this time. Get prepared for this thing because it is going to be in your vagina for much longer periods.

You need a high-quality lubricant to reduce the discomfort of putting a horse dildo into your vagina. The sexperts suggest using a horse dildo made of silicone because it is soft, durable, and perfect when it comes to replicating a real penis.

You should use water or oil-based lubricant with a silicone dildo. Do not use silicone-based lube because it will destroy your sex toy. Apply the lubricant thoroughly over the tip and girth of dildo. It will side much easily when covered with a lubricant.

Begin the session with a regular-sized dildo. Thus, your hole will be well-prepared for clenching something as big as a horse penis. Now, start rubbing that horse dildo over the opening of your hole. Go gentle during the penetration process because it might cause some discomfort.

Take your time to slide it in and stay for a while when the head is inside your vagina. Do not be in a hurry because it will hurt more if you push too hard. Take as deep as you want and stop when you cannot bear it anymore. Keep moving it in-and-out because that’s how things get comforting and pleasurable during sex.

There was a time when you were not ready for a regular size dildo, but now you put it in comfortably. Similarly, people get comfortable with putting a horse dildo in their butthole and vagina.

Final thoughts:

You should know that you are ready to take a horse dildo in when your partner with a large penis is not doing great in bed. It is an indication that you need a bigger penis. Buy your first horse dildo and try it occasionally to explore new sexual sensations.

The large size of horse dildo will widen up your holes. Therefore, it is not great for regular use. Try it occasionally when you are too aroused to put a horse’s penis inside your holes. You may not have sex with a real horse, but a horse dildo is always available online for your anal and vaginal sex pleasure.